Booth payments for the 2019 show are due June 18, 2019. After that time, we will begin contacting waitlisted artists and will not be able to guarantee you a spot. Please let us know ASAP if you have decided not to participate.

Click here to make booth payment.

Things to note/helpful links:

-Please note NEW NOVEMBER DATES: November 8-10, 2019.

-Several of you have asked about the returning artist rebate. Artists who participated in the 2017 or 2019 show will receive a $60 rebate after completing the post-show survey the week after the show. Learning about your experiences will help us continue to improve the show.

-Click here to see a recap of the 2018 Art Providence Show with details on attendance, marketing & PR, feedback and more.

-Click here to read about the jurors for this year’s show.

Artist Info from the 2018 Show

If you’re new to Art Providence, will give you an idea of how the show runs. Please note that this year’s prospectus and show details will vary from last year’s.

PLEASE NOTE: The following information is from the 2018 show and gives you an idea of the types of communication we will send leading up to this year’s show. Details for 2019 will be different, so please take this into consideration when reviewing the information. If you have a question about any particular component, please read the Prospectus for the 2019 Art Providence Show and get in touch if you still have questions. Thank you!

Art Providence Holiday Show 2018



Here you'll find content from the Artist Update e-mails we send from September onwards. If you misplace an e-mail or need to refresh your memory, just check in here (scroll down past the form below) or send us an e-mail at



This e-mail covered the following topics:

  • Artist & Volunteer Appreciation Event - For those of you who are local'ish

  • Friday's Artist-Only Swap 'n' Shop - No obligation to swap OR shop.

  • Load-in Reminders and Info - There are no ASSIGNED TIMES for load-in this year. Allow extra time to be in line for a bit.

  • Do's and Don'ts of Storage - Don't be tempted to store behind the drapes!

  • Sales Permit Reminder

  • Artist Comp Tickets - Leave them at will call

  • Volunteer Update - We've been fortunate!

  • PDF of Show Brochure - To forward, post or share

  • Press - Fun stuff!

  • Exhibitor Info Tab - When you're trying to find a prior artist update e-mail

Artist & Volunteer Appreciation Event
What: A moment to say thank you in the calm before the storm. Enjoy a beverage with us at the Isle Brewers Guild Taproom; first beer (or soda) is on  us!
When: Wednesday, December 5, 6:30-8:00pm
Where: Isle Brewers Guild Taproom, 461 Main Street, Pawtucket RI 02860

Friday's Artist-Only Swap & Show
Don't let the name fool you. You don't have to swap OR shop... but many of us DO and WILL! This is a completely optional event - an opportunity to mix and mingle within our artist community. If you don't wish to participate, you can either close up shop like you normally would or get a big strip of orange ribbon from us during set-up to put across the front of your booth. It means, "Not participating. Catch me to tomorrow!" The floor will be open for artists, staff and a small handful of special guests only from 5:00 to 7:00pm. It will not be open to the public. Enjoy the opportunity to have a look at what your fellow artists are up to.

Load-In Reminders and Info
First and foremost, there are not ASSIGNED LOAD-IN TIMES THIS YEAR. Because the dock is easily accessible and not far from the exhibition halls, we are allowing artists to come in at will, starting at 8:00am. We do ask that you plan enough time to have your booth show-ready by 4:30pm. Please extra time for a bit of waiting at the dock! Remember to bring your own carts and/or dollies to load in your work as needed. We may not give or loan you our carts due to union labor rules and renting them requires that you also pay union labor to help you unload.

As you know, your booth comes with pipe and white drape. Displays, tables, furniture and floor coverings are not included. The floor in the convention center is cement. The aesthetics are fine (it's clean and neat) but you may want to consider bringing some sort of floor covering (area rug or other surface) for comfort as standing on cement for two days can be very tiring! At least consider bringing a chair.

Please note: Before unloading your vehicle, you must check in at the check-in tables located in the loading dock area. (You'll receive a separate e-mail with info on load-in procedure.)

Have a look at this map to help orient yourself with the loading dock and entrance areas.

DO's and DON'Ts of Storage
There is no locked storage at the convention center, but there will be a dedicated area for storing empty boxes and containers: at the end of row 100/101. Please note that under no circumstances may boxes or other items be stored in the space behind your booth. This is a fire code restriction and you will be asked to remove any items that are found there.

Sales Permit Reminder
All artists must have a sales permit valid in the sate of Rhode Island - either a regular/permanent RI Sales Permit or a Temporary RI Sales Permit. (Most of you will need the latter and will apply for it at check-in.)

  • If you hold a regular/permanent RI Sales Permit, you must provide a copy of of that at check-in.

  • EVERYONE ELSE: You'll need a Temporary RI Sales Permit,so please remember to bring the $10 application fee - cash or a check made out to the RI Division of Taxation. You'll complete the application form that we'll give you onsite and in turn, you'll receive the temporary sales permit onsite - all during check-in, before you unload. Further instructions will be provided at that time.

Most, if not all, of the work you sell at this show will be exempt from sales tax. (See details here.) However, you are required by Rhode Island law to provide your sales revenue numbers at the end of the show, even though you will likely not owe any taxes. More info on this will be provided at check-in.

Artist Comp Tickets and VIP Discount Code

Each artist in entitled to 4 show passes. You may either pick these up during check-in or ask (during check-in) to have them them left at will call under your name or your friend/family's name. Please encourage additional guests to consider buying a value-packed VIP ticket online with the ARTVIP20 discount code, which they can enter at checkout. The code will knock $10 off the $50 VIP ticket that gets them access to the VIP lounge, complimentary neck massage, Art Providence heavyweight canvas tote bag, access to the food sampling area, an adult beverage and more. ShaZAM!

We're pleased to announce that we'll have over 35 volunteers helping out in shifts over the course of the weekend. Heading up this group will be Mary Farrell, Volunteer Coordinator Extraordinaire. Mary is one of the most efficient, capable AND fun people we know so we're thrilled to have her managing our volunteers. You'll recognize these generous souls - they'll be wearing Art Providence Show pins and will have an orange volunteer badge. Please thank them when you see them!

PDF of Show Brochure
Click below for a pdf of the show brochure. These are great for sharing/forwarding to friends or colleagues who may be interested in attending the show.

We've been getting some good PR for the show... here are just a couple:
-Yesterday's Rhode Show!
-Providence Monthly's "12 Awesome Gifts You Can Find at the Art Providence Holiday Show!"


At last, what you've all been waiting for... the floorplan and booth assignments for the 2018 Art Providence Holiday Show. We've worked hard on both booth locations and additional experiential components to balance the show in a way that will encourage attendees to stay longer and shop more.

You will want to use your booth number when/if you're ordering electricity from the convention center. If you've already ordered it, don't worry - we'll be communicating this artist/booth location information to them as well. Please note that 'walls' (drape panels) will be added or removed according to your booth order.


Booth Assignments
Booth assignments are being finalized and will be communicated on or before November 1. You will be asked for your booth number when ordering electricity but some have reported being able to order it using only their artist or business name.

Many of you will want electricity for your booth. This needs to be ordered directly from the RI Convention Center. The cost will depend on the amount of wattage your light fixtures require. Here's the link for ordering:

If you have questions when ordering, contact Carolina Franco in the RICC business center.

Carolina Franco, RICC Business Center
Tel. 401.458.6103

Most artists have found that cellular works fine within the building and that they do not need additional WIFI. There is free 30-minute Wi-Fi in the building, however, and you can purchase a 4-hour span for $9.99. Those can be done on-site from any device you'd like to connect.

For longer term access without interruption, however, you may order from ACS Cox Communications. RICC does not take orders or payments for internet. Here's the contact info:

Sales Permits
At check-in, each artist each artist will be required to either (a) complete a Temporary Rhode Island Sales Permit application and remit the $10 application fee or (b) possess and provide a copy of their Rhode Island Sales Permit or. Most artists will be in the first category and can complete the Temporary Sales Permit application onsite at check-in. We will provide the forms. If you already have an RI Sales Permit, just give us a copy and you’re good to go.

Procedure for Temporary Sales Permits applicants - The form is in triplicate; after you fill out your basic info, we will keep the top copy and you'll retain the rest until the end of the show.  All Temporary Permit artists are required to complete and submit the Sales Tax Return and any taxes owed before vacating the premises Sunday evening. Most of you will not owe any taxes due to the tax exemption enjoyed by artists in Rhode Island. (Details below.) This does not exempt you from reporting your sales on the Temporary Sales Permit application, however.

Rhode Island has a tax exemption in place for all artistic works sold in the state of Rhode Island, but their definition of 'artistic works' is very specific., i.e., original works or limited editions which are signed and/or numbered. (Postcards made from prints, for example, are therefore not exempt.) Each artist is responsible for interpretation and paying the correct amount of taxes at the end of the show.

For details, go to

ONE MORE TIME: The Sales Tax Return and any taxes due must be submitted to us before you exit the premises on Sunday night.

Friday Evening Artist Event
We will not be hosting a VIP Preview Event on Friday evening. We found that devoting 90 minutes to a Friday-only VIP event was a difficult draw and expensive to host for just 150 people coming through the whole show floor. A number of artists reported little activity last year and felt it was a waste of their time. Additional feedback was that spending all day setting up and having to then look good and stay longer for the small crowd of VIP’s was a lot to ask. We listened to that feedback and designed a solution to both lighten the load for artists on Friday night AND create a VIP experience that will extend their time and spending at the show. This time slot has been replaced with the Artist Swap & Shop.*

What about VIPs?
We will have VIP’s coming to the show throughout the weekend to allow greater access over a longer period of time. The Convention Center has built out brand new, high tech suites that are perfect for this use. The VIP Suite is an elevated experience for VIP badge holders – soft seating, adult beverage, food sampling, massage, gift wrapping, etc. – ALL WEEKEND LONG.  So they can feel free to come and go at their convenience and not be limited to a tight window on a Friday night. The longer they stay, the more they'll buy!
In summary, here's how the weekend will go:
FRIDAY – We’re focused on ARTISTS only. Set-up till 5 pm and then our Artist Swap and Shop till 7 pm (floor closes). *The name 'Swap & Shop' is not meant to make anyone feel obligated to shop OR swap. We get it! Maybe you're concerned about inventory or just don't like trading. There's no pressure to do either, and for that reason we're now calling it the Friday Night Artist Event. (We're still thinking about a more creative/fun name.) We’re going to have a cash bar and volunteers circulating while you visit other artists’ booths and while they visit yours! It’s meant to be a fun, relaxed atmosphere. This block of time has been set aside to acknowledge and celebrate our vibrant artist community and our accomplishments in 2018.

*Artists not wishing to participate will be given branded tape to place across the front of their booth indicating, "Taking the evening off/Come see me during the show."
SATURDAY – General Admission and VIP Suite Open 10-6 pm
SUNDAY – General Admission and VIP Suite Open 10-5 pm; break down and move out until 10 pm.

Hotel Info
Artists are responsible for securing their accommodations. There are several good options in downtown Providence and many within the surrounding area. (Go to to see more.) Hotels within walking distance include the Omni Providence, the Dean (small boutique hotel), Providence Biltmore, Hilton Providence, Renaissance Providence and Hotel Providence.

We have arranged a limited number of discounted rooms at the Providence Hilton, 21 Atwells Avenue, Providence RI 02903 from Thursday through Sunday nights. Please use this link and information to book rooms by November 12:

Booking Link:
Hotel: Hilton Providence
Group Name: Art Providence Holiday Show
Arrival Date: 06-Dec-2018
Departure Date: 10-Dec-2018

The dates listed are the dates for which the discounts apply. You're not obligated to stay a minimum number of nights to get the discount. Reserve soon: they're good rates!

Part of having a successful show last year was have the generous help of a number of volunteers. They were of great help and had some fun in the process. If any you know of anyone who might like to lend a hand for just a few hours in exchange for some nice perks, please have them sign up using the following link: 

A few reminders for social media as we move closer to show dates:

  • Please be sure to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram (@artprovidenceshow); likewise, we'll Like and follow you on those platforms. Please tag us if we have not yet done so! This helps us mutually amplify the reach of our posts and drive traffic to the show!

  • Remember to tag @ArtProvidenceShow in your show-related posts on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Don't forget to link digital ads we create for you* to the show website so potential attendees can see all the details of dates, times, artists, etc.:

  • *Let us know if you'd like us to make you a customized digital ad using one of your images (like the ones you see in this e-mail). 

Thank you to those of you who ordered posters and postcards via the online form on the website. These should be shipping out this week when we receive our latest order. (For the rest of you, there's still time to order!) If any you are participating in artisan market at the upcoming Waterfire event on November 10, please let us know and we can drop off your collateral in person and say hello.


Exhibitor Info

Our decorator company, SER, will be in touch in the coming days with an exhibitor manual featuring helpful set-up information and items you can rent in the event you don’t have your own or don’t wish to ship or bring them. The portions most relevant to you will likely be information on ordering electricity, guidelines for unloading your vehicles, information for ordering WIFI*, cross-bars and other items.

*It has been our experience that most artists do not need to purchase WIFI since cellular service is good within the building for most carriers.

Included in your booth package is an ID sign for your booth. Please be sure to complete the form on the Exhibitor Info tab of our website to state your preference for how your name appears. If you do not fill in this form, your fist and last name will be used by default.


Digital Assets - Help Us Help You!

Many of you have developed loyal customers over the years who will be excited to see you in a new venue (or, in the case of RISD alumni, in a venue in which they’ve seen you for years). Please take advantage of our freshly-created digital assets and printed materials to communicate your participation with them via social media, e-mails, and physically taking postcards, rack cards or posters to your local coffee shops, art stores, libraries, etc. If each of you draws from your own networks while we’re marketing in print, outdoor and online, we’ll create a big splash and build momentum for the show.

Download these jpgs and keep them handy to send occasional reminders. Different shapes, sizes and visual ‘moods’ mean you can change it up according to the audience and/or platform:


Printed Collateral - Postcards and Posters

Good news! We have posters and postcard and they look GREAT. For those of you who live in the Providence area, we're going to be available to distribute these in person next Friday, October 12 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm at Kitchen Bar, 771 Hope Street, Providence, RI 02906.

We'd love to meet you in person if you're able to stop by. If not, we'll mail the materials using the address you send us via the form on our website.


Pricing Considerations

This show intends to attract an art- and design-savvy audience that knows high-caliber work when they see it.  However, please keep in mind that since this his a holiday show, there will be many browsing the show who are looking for smaller, more giftable items in the $50-$100 range. If most of your work has high price points, consider offering smaller and/or less expensive executions. Please contact us if, in considering these alternate executions, you need to offer them in a different medium – i.e., printed greeting cards made from your paintings, etc.


Arrival at the Convention Center on Friday, December 7

Please plan to arrive in time to complete your set-up by 4:30pm at the latest. Thank you to those of you who responded with the amount of time you need to complete load-in and set-up. We advise you to arrive on the early end of timeframe you indicated. For example,  if you said you need 4 hours to set up, arrive on the early end of the 10am-12noon timeframe. If you need 6-7 hours, arrive in the earlier part of the 8am-10am window. Allow extra time in the likely event there is a line at the loading dock when you arrive. Please be patient as there will be a line at times!


Load-In Procedure

We’ll have volunteers assisting with load-in on a first come, first-served basis. Once you arrive at the dock, please come to the check-in desk (located just inside the dock doors), get your packet, fill out any forms requested (including the Temporary Sales Permit form required by law), and begin your load-in when it’s your turn. Please complete load-in within 30 minutes and remove your car from the dock area when finished so that others may unload. Please do not begin set-up before your items are unloaded and taken to your booth.


Artist Appreciation Get-Together:  Wednesday, December 5, 7-8:30pm

Having experienced these shows as artists, one of the things we’d like to see more of is time for artists to get to hang out with other artists for a bit without needing a boothsitter. So on Wednesday, December 5, we're gathering in Pawtucket (specific location TBA) to toast YEAR TWO of what we believe will be a fantastic show. As much as it is a chance to say hello during the calm before the storm, it’s also a chance for us to say THANK YOU to those of you who can make it. For those of you who don’t live in the area, we’ll have to thank you at the show!

Artist Appreciation Get-Together

Wednesday, December 5, 7-8:30pm

Location TBA (which means you have to stay tuned)

Future e-mails will include maps, floor layouts, ESAP booth structures and more. So stay tuned!

Have a great weekend,

Laura & Sue



E-mail content: show updates and reminders, news regarding the Friday evening event, a query regarding set-up, and our logos for use in e-mail and social media.

Welcome. We're thrilled you've joined us for what is looking like another stellar year for the Art Providence Holiday Show. This e-mail is the first in a series of communication you'll receive leading up to show dates December 7-9, 2018. It includes show updates and reminders, news regarding the Friday evening event, a query regarding set-up, and our logos for use in e-mail and social media.

Art Providence Holiday Show 2018 Updates & Reminders

  • Check out our website, which features artists by Category, Show Details

  • Questions about rentals, electricity, etc? In October you'll receive an e-mail from our decorator services company, SER Expo, with information regarding renting additional items, finding order forms for electricity, etc.

  • We'll also send occasional updates from this e-mail address, so please adjust your spam filters accordingly so you won't miss a beat!

  • Be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and tag us in social media (@ArtProvidenceShow, #ArtProvidenceShow).

  • E-mail is the best way to reach us ( but you may also text (617)-708-6404 for anything urgent. You may also leave a voicemail, but generally speaking, texts will get a quicker response.

Big News Regarding the 12/7 Preview Event:
Announcing the FIRST-EVER (that we know of) *ARTIST SWAP 'N' SHOP!!
While we do have sponsors that are Very Important Persons in terms of financial support, we view you, THE ARTISTS, as our Most Important People of all. (Don't worry - we'll resist the urge to call you MIP's.) We know that artists support artists - via trading, buying, or plain old moral support - but it's usually tough to do so in the context of a show. We've also listened and know that many of you dread the VIP Preview Event after a full day of set-up. So we've developed a solution that not only accommodates our Sponsor VIPs, but also allows all our Artist VIPs to relax a bit - to mix, mingle and shop the other work in the show. But how will that work, you ask? Here's how:

  • The Artists Swap 'n' Shop will take place from 5 to 7pm on Friday, December 7, immediately after set-up. The idea is for you to say hello and view, trade and/or purchase the work of your fellow artists in a more leisurely fashion than pre-show or post-show speed-shopping/trading, or (worst of all) trying to shop, trade or visit while on a bathroom or lunch break.

  • The floor will be closed to the public and we will create a separate Sponsor VIP experience* that occurs during regular show hours (Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 10-5), rather than on Friday evening. *There may be a small number of escorted VIPs walking through at some point, but don't worry - they'll know it's only dress rehearsal and they'll be with one of us.

  • It is completely optional. Artists not wishing to participate will be provided a sort of 'crime scene' tape that they can put up across the front of their booth, with messaging such as "Please come see me during the show."

  • If you're not in your booth when a fellow artist comes by, they'll be able to leave you a note (with a form we'll provide at check-in) regarding what they're interested in.

  • The same liability clauses apply as to all other parts of the show (in other words, we are not responsible for your work), but we will keep security on the floor during this time, along with show volunteers.

*Requests for Alternate Names for 'Artist Swap 'n' Shop'
Yes, we'd like a more clever name than 'Artist Swap 'n' Shop,'  so please help us out! If you have a good idea, please e-mail us your submission. If we choose your suggestion, you'll get $100 off next year's booth fee. If there are multiple submissions for the same name, the amount will be shared accordingly. We may still opt to use Swap 'n' Shop because it's internal only and we all know what it means.

Set-Up Times - Please respond!
Please respond to this e-mail with your name (it's not always obvious, people) and the estimated number of hours you need to set up. Set-up takes place on Friday, December 7 between 8am and 4:30pm. We will assign arrival windows in 2-hour increments (8-10, 10-12, 12-2, and 2-4), based on your set-up time needs and to the extent we can. To minimize the line-up at the dock area, we ask that you complete your load-in in 30 minutes or less - during your assigned window. Please plan to be show-ready by 4:30pm-4:45pm so we may begin the Artist Swap 'n' Shop promptly at 5pm. We'll communicate assigned arrival windows and further logistical details via e-mail in October.


Lastly, we'll be sending you more digital assets in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, here are our logos in case you'd like to use them with "SAVE THE DATE" reminders in customer e-mails and social media:

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and let us know if you have any questions:

Happy creating and see you soon!

Laura & Sue

How We Communicate
E-mail is how we'll communicate information about the show, so please be sure that we have the right e-mail address and check your Inbox regularly as we get closer to show. The content of these e-mails will also be posted in the 'Exhibitor Info' tab on our website

How best to reach us?
It is often easiest to reach us via e-mail at or You should make sure both of these addresses are added to your Contacts so that our messages don't go into Spam. For urgent matters, you may text us at (617)-708-6404. (Be sure to tell us who you are!). You may also leave us a voice mail but texts will get seen/processed more quickly.


The Art Providence Holiday Show features approximately200 artists from throughout greater New England and beyond. Applications were due April 20, 2018 on

The Art Providence Holiday Show features approximately200 artists from throughout greater New England and beyond. Applications were due April 20, 2018 on


  • Set-up and VIP Preview Event - Friday, 12/7

  • Show Open to Public – Saturday, 12/8 and Sunday, 12/9

  • LOCATION: RI Convention Center, 1 Sabin Street, Providence RI

  • APPLICATION DEADLINES: 4/20/18 (regular); 4/27/18 (late)

  • APPLICATION FEE: $35 regular (through 4/20); $60 (4/21 – 4/27)

*While there may be minor variances in wording, the content of this Prospectus is the same as that posted on on February 13, 2018.



The Art Providence Holiday Show was created in 2017 to (a) replace the Rhode Island School of Design’s holiday show after its successful 20-year run, (b) broaden the show to include other talented artists alongside RISD alumni artists and (c) become one of the premiere arts and crafts events in New England.

Considered the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution in America, Providence has a long, rich history of creating and making. Known more recently as the Creative Capital, it is home to the Rhode Island School of Design, Brown University, and other premiere academic institutions – all of which enrich the city’s creative community and cement its reputation as one of the crown jewels of art, design, and making in the US. Providence is also a vibrant yet accessible city in terms of restaurants, nightlife and live entertainment. It is becoming increasingly popular as a weekend getaway destination. We can think of no better city in which to celebrate and promote the work of artists and artisans than art-and-design savvy Providence.



The show will take place at the Rhode Island Convention Center in downtown Providence and will host approximately 200 artists in the following format:

Friday, December 7 – Load-in*/ Set-up (8am-4:30pm) and VIP Preview Event (5-7pm)

Saturday, December 8 – Show open to public 10am – 6pm (artists in place at 9:30am)

Sunday, December 9 – Show open to public 10am – 5pm (artists in place at 9:30am)

      *Artists will be assigned specific load-in times.



A qualified panel of jurors is assembled each year to select artists making superlative work in baskets, ceramics, decorative fiber, wearable fiber, drawing,  furniture, glass, graphics, jewelry, leather, metal, mixed media, painting, paper, photography, printmaking, sculpture and wood.

All images will be viewed using computer monitors. Applicants will be notified of jury selections on Juried Art Services and via email shortly after the completion of the jury process.

Waitlisted exhibitors are queued for acceptance based on their juror scores and media category. Approximately 85% of artists will be selected through an open jury process and 15% will be invited by the jurors.


Early Stage Artist Program (ESAP)

New this year, the Early Stage Artist Program (ESAP) facilitates show participation for up to 24 artists/makers/designers who have been selling their work in public forums for less than 4 years.

ESAP creates a pathway to show participation and provides the same benefits at a lower cost due to its booth-sharing format. Each large ‘community booth’ will be shared by 6 ESAP artists. ESAP booths are 20’W x 10’D x 8’H and come with electricity, basic lighting, and a display fixture. Each artist will have a dedicated space within that booth measuring 4’W x 2’D x 8’H. The center area will be designated as common space. There will be a maximum of 4 such booths – each containing 6 artists – at the show. All eligibility requirements, participation rules, terms and conditions as stated herein apply to ESAP applicants, i.e., the same rules/eligibility/terms & conditions apply to all applicants.  Established artists are not eligible for this program. ESAP application is restricted to artists who have been selling work in public forums for no more than 4 years. ESAP applicants must apply as individuals and not as a group.

If you qualify to apply for ESAP but prefer a standard booth package, you may apply as a Regular applicant. Just respond with "Regular" to the application question, "Are you applying as a Regular artist or ESAP artist?"



Artists must apply online at There are two application deadlines: regular deadline April 20 ($35 application fee) and late deadline April 27 ($60 application fee).

Artists are asked to submit a total of five (5) digital images - 4 that best represent their work and 1 showing their booth display. Work will be juried based on originality, execution of design, technique and craftsmanship, creative use of materials, and aesthetic qualities.

Please ensure that the e-mail address you provide is accurate, and that both Juried Arts Services and Art Providence Holiday Show are listed in your e-mail Contacts so that communication from us does not go to Spam.



The Art Providence Show strongly encourages both established and early-stage artists to apply.

      Before applying, please make sure your work meets the following criteria:

1. All work must fit within an acceptable media category. Acceptable media categories include: baskets, ceramics, drawing, fiber decorative, fiber wearable, furniture, glass, graphics, jewelry, leather, metal, mixed media, painting, paper, photography, sculpture and wood. All work must be original and made by hand or with the use of appropriate tools. Art Providence encourages one-of-a-kind and limited edition work.

2. No commercial reproductions of any kind are allowed. This includes embellished commercially made objects and works assembled (wholly or in part) from commercially available kits.

3. Artists are accepted for participation must be in attendance at their booth during the entire show. No agent, dealer, or representative may attend in place of the artist.

4. Collaborating artists are permitted, however, any representation other than a true, hands on artistic collaboration is not permitted. Collaborating artists are defined as ‘artists who assist and/or collaborate with the primary artist on their body of work.’ Two artists working on separate bodies of work may not share a booth or a single ESAP space. 

5. Artists may only show work in categories selected by the jury. All work exhibited must be of the same body, quality, and category of work that was juried through digital images.


Please note:  Individual Artists who wish to apply in two different categories must submit two separate applications and application fees. If both bodies of work are accepted, both may be shown. If only one body of work is accepted, only that body of work may be shown.



Application Fee

The application fee for the April 20 deadline is $35 (non-refundable). The late application fee for applications received between April 21 and April 27 is $60 (non-refundable).


Booth Fees

Regular 10’W x 10’D x 8'H (Standard Booth Package) - $600 

Corner upgrade - Additional $175 (Open on two sides rather than just the front)

Double-wide 20’ x 10’  - $900 (Limited to 6)

ESAP Early Stage Artist Program (Shared booth, limited to 24 artists) - $350


A $25 booth credit will be awarded to accepted artists who exhibited in 2017, to be credited upon payment of 2018 booth fee.


     Standard Booth Packages include the following:

·       10’W x 10’D x 8’H booth space

·       8’H pipe and drape – 3 sides

·       Booth signage – name and booth number

·       Listing in the digital show program guide

·       Booth number listing on exhibitor floor map

·       4 complimentary tickets


What’s Not Included in the Standard Booth Package:

The Standard Booth Package fees (for regular and double-wide booths)  do not cover electricity, WIFI, displays, additional cross bars, floor covering, tables chairs or other furnishings.* Artists may purchase electricity through the RI Convention Center. Other furnishings may be rented through the decorator company. Booth sharing is not permitted in standard booth packages.


ESAP Booth Packages include the following:

·       4’W x 2’D x 8’H space within a shared 20’W x 10’W x 8’H booth space

·       Display structure

·       Listing in the digital show program guide

·       Booth number listing on exhibitor floor map

·       4 complimentary tickets

·       Electricity

·       Basic lighting fixture

·       Does not include WIFI, floor covering, additional furnishings or ancillary services such as shipping.



Art Providence will be publicized in a variety of regional print, radio, and digital outlets including the following:

·       Local and regional advertising and public relations including but not limited to outdoor, print, radio, digital, e-mail blasts and collateral

·       Bio listing and image for each artist on the show website and in the official online show directory

·       Event coverage on social media sites including Facebook and Instagram

·       2017’s marketing efforts generated over 2.5 million impressions across print, radio, billboards, and digital. E-mail for detailed recap.

*Featured areas on the website and full page ad opportunities in the event digital program book will be available at an additional cost.



Application Deadline: April 20, 2018 - $35 application fee.

Late Application Deadline:  April 27, 2018 - $60 ($35 + $25 late application fee).

Jury Process: Week of April 30, 2018

Jury Notification: All applicants who apply through Juried Arts Services will be notified of their status via Juried Art Services. Please make sure to check your JAS profile by May 7, 2018.

Booth fees due: Booth fees must be paid in full by June 15, 2018.



Artists who submit their request in writing by June 29, 2018 are eligible for a 75% refund of booth fees.

Artists who submit their request in writing between June 30, 2018 and October 30, 2018 are eligible for a 50% refund of booth fees.

Beginning October 31, 2018, no refunds will be given.

Application fees are non-refundable.


Please contact us with questions at

Thank you in advance for considering our show. It's going to be fun and hopefully fruitful as well. We hope you'll join us!

Warm regards,
Laura & Sue

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